Visa Run to Japan

* You can only do a visa run to Japan if you have worked in Korea before.


Step 1. Teacher fills out the online application form with the following attachments:
ㆍ resume
ㆍ cover letter
ㆍ 2 references
ㆍ 2 recent photos

Step 2. School interviews teacher candidate by phone

Step 3. Teacher submits the following documents to the school by postal service or in person:

ㆍ Signed contract sent by the school via email
ㆍ Original diploma or Copy of the diploma notarized by the Korean Consulate
ㆍ Original sealed university transcript
ㆍ Photocopy of the teacher’s passport
ㆍ 2 recent photos
ㆍ Criminal record check with apostille stamp

Step 4. School submits teacher’s documents to Korean immigration office to obtain:

ㆍ visa issuance number (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Ireland)
ㆍ visa issuance form (South Africa and New Zealand)

Step 5. School or teacher purchases an economy class flight ticket to the nearest Korean consulate (Osaka) outside of the Korean peninsula

Step 6. Teacher applies for the E-2 visa to the Korean consulate with the following documents:

ㆍ Visa issuance number or letter
ㆍ Visa application form
ㆍ Original passport
ㆍ Original diploma
ㆍ Sealed university transcript
ㆍ Visa application fee
ㆍ 2 passport sized photo (5 cm x 5 cm)

Step 7. Teacher gets his or her passport stamped with the E2 visa within 2 business days

Step 8. Teacher reports to the immigration office after arriving back to Korea

[E-2 Visa Form]

Occasionally a school needs a teacher right away and can’t wait a whole month in that case the teacher will come to Korea ASAP on a tourist visa first and then make a “Visa Run” to Japan.

※ You need to stay overnight because it takes 2 days to process your visa application.
You hand it in on the first working day before 3pm with all your documents and pick it up the next day after 10am.

Osaka Korean Embassy

2-3-4 Nishi-Sinsaibashi, Chuoku, Osaka, Japan
Postal Code: 542-0086
Phone number: (06)6213-1401~3
Time difference with Korea: 0
Documents: Visa letter and one picture.
Office Hours: 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-5:00pm (Monday to Friday) No Saturdays.

Instructions on how to get to the Korean consulate:

1) From the Airport

Get on the subway → take it to the brown vase stop- Tojin Machi (9th stop from the airport) it’s right after Ohori Koen ( a park ).
From Tojin Machi, leave by the first exit (1) it says Korean Consulate on it. Walk towards the traffic light after walking straight out of the exit. There turn right and go straight for about 10 minutes. You’ll have to cross over to the other side of the street.
The consulate has a Korean style roof and a Korean Flag. The area is really close to the Fukuoka Dome. If you are not sure most of the buildings in the area have maps.

2) From the Ferry

Take a bus to Tenjin (the 80 on the 84) but it should say Tenjin then change buses, and take a bus to the Fukuoka dome.
If you though don’t want to take a plane there is always the ferry from Pusan to Fukuoka. The ferry takes 14 hours and most of that is just time sitting waiting for the port to open in the morning. It leaves AT 6pm every second day. and arrives at 8am.
The return trip is the same. Sometimes the departure time changes so be sure to ask. The Hydrofoil takes about 3 hours and leaves twice a day from Pusan everyday. Make sure to get the return ticket in Pusan as the tickets in Fukuoka are much more expensive.

Again check with your school on all the Korean and Japanese holidays before doing your “Visa Run.”   


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