Teach English in Korea

Teaching English in Korea is an amazing opportunity for university graduates to not only pay off their student loans but to discover a new country for FREE.

My name is Sarah Fauset and I am the owner of ESL Teacher Recruiter. I am from Canada and I taught English in Korea for 3 years. I had originally planned on staying a year but I had such a great time, I ended up staying for 3 years. I was able to pay off all of my students loans. I had the time of my life!

Upon returning to Canada, I wanted to give recent graduates the same opportunity that I had to pay off their student loans and travel for FREE.

I partnered with the most prestige private schools across Korea and have since successfully placed hundreds of recent graduates in awesome teaching positions in Korea.  The schools hire year round so graduates can start any time.

Here are some of the amazing benefits graduates can expect:

  • FREE Accommodation
  • FREE flights
  • A salary of 2.1 million won per month and up ($1930US)
  • 30 hour work week
  • 25 Paid Vacation days (15 national holidays plus 10 days paid vacation)
  • 50% of health insurance
  • A bonus of one month’s salary when complete your contract

Most graduates teaching English in Korea are paying over $1000US a month on their students loans.

In Korea, teachers get to enjoy a high standard of living while saving money.

Teachers also get to taste new food, learn a new language and meet other teachers from all over the world.

Like to eat out? You can afford to do this every night in Korea. Not to mention that the food is absolutely delicious and very healthy. You will have to try their traditional dish of Kimchi that is eaten with every meal. Koreans like spicy foods so you will get to enjoy lots of new dishes.

Korea is a unique place with lots to do.

You can get your black belt learning their national sport of Taekwondo.

Like karaoke? Why not hit up their Karaoke rooms with some friends for the night. You can sing together and laugh. This is one of my favourite places in Korea.

If you are a recent university graduate looking to pay off your student loans and want to discover a new country, please go to http://www.eslteacherrecruiter.com


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